Psychedelic gutter glam. Swamp metal. Rap rock. Riot grrrl anthems. Bilingual party band based out of Charlottesville, VA providing a safe space for POC, LGBTQIA, immigrants and lovers of hair-flipping, back bending rock n roll.

Shagwüf’s first full-length album unleashes heavy psychedelic blues on the ears of an unsuspecting public. There is a lot to unwrap here. The dense musicality suggests a mastery of instruments. Mood and tempo change quickly within songs courtesy of drummer Pablo Olivieri, which define the swampy atmosphere. The lyrics suggest a primal, violent undercurrent. “Run O’ Bad Luck” begins almost as a self-empowering dance track before vocalist Pete Stallings turns to the listener to snarl questioningly, “How does it feel to be someone else’s meal?” “Fight Like a Girl,” with bassist Sally Rose on lead vocals, exhibits the best attributes of a top-notch Kim Deal-fronted Pixies song, one-upping Julius Caesar with the refrain, “She came, she saw, she broke my jaw.” The garage energy blazes toward “Cassolette,” the five-minute churning typhoon at the album’s center. Once there, all instruments explore the parameters of their existence with many a noodle. Sally Rose and Sweet Pete complement each other’s vocals throughout. In spite of the intensity, the songs have a strong throughline of humor as well, one necessary to sell the charming couplet, “Ridin' my cheetah chariot / I feed my cheetahs on baby carrots.'

-Whurk Magazine

Gutter-glam swamp-rock band Shagwuf is on a mission. The Charlottesville-based trio [works] to recreate inclusive safe spaces up and down the East Coast, and change the reputation of their hometown [after A11 & 12]. And they’re doing it all with rock n roll…Shagwuf’s most recently released tune, “Sweet Freak,” rejoices in experiences the band has shared and honors the lives of queer individuals through a compassionate, sex-positive surf-garage-punk anthem…

-RVA Magazine

Polaroids shot by David Evan Withers from the 2019 SAB • O • TEUR. All other photographs by Rich Tarbell.