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"Shagwüf, arguably the best band ever to come out of Charlottesville, is playing last tonight. A three-piece psychedelic stoner rock band fronted by the pint-sized, acrobatic Sally Rose, they are absolutely killing it with audience members only inches away from the headstock of Sweet Pete’s Telecaster. They’re one of those bands where you see what is in front of you, and know that it is just guitar, bass, and drums but don’t understand how this much sound is coming out of only three people. The audience stretches back through the hall, past one of the two bathrooms and into the kitchen. Some of the crowd are pogoing, and the floor flexes dangerously like a trampoline. This party could literally burst out of the room."

"It’s hard not to love Charlottesville rock n’ roll trio Shagwüf. From their catchy tunes and vastly entertaining live performances to their relentlessly positive attitude and advocacy for everyone to celebrate their own freakiness, Shagwüf is a band that always makes us smile...'The direction of the album lyrically is a commentary on social issues, exploring America while on tour, probing popular music,' said Stallings. 'Musically it is exponentially more genre bending and fluid than our first album. Spy theme songs sitting next to disco sitting next to grunge in the span of 45 seconds.' Sally Rose chimed in, 'Swells of surfy, poppy riffs. Heavy stoner doom and a witchy lullaby. It’s a healthy dose of political resistance with upbeat dance grooves. Not all the songs are as grave as Television. We wrote feel happy-sexy songs to shake your body to. We strive to keep a balance to everything we do.' And so we have thankful confirmation that the Shagwüf we’ve known and loved for years is still the fun, positive explosion of musical delights it’s always been — even if the band does get a little more serious this time around. Dog Days Of Disco enters the world [March 13th, 2020]."

"Hair-flipping, back-bending, rock n roll allies. Gutter-glam swamp-rock band Shagwuf is on a mission. The Charlottesville-based trio [works] to recreate inclusive safe spaces up and down the East Coast, and change the reputation of their hometown [after A11 & 12]. And they’re doing it all with rock n roll…Shagwuf’s most recently released tune, “Sweet Freak,” rejoices in experiences the band has shared and honors the lives of queer individuals through a compassionate, sex-positive surf-garage-punk anthem…"


Shagwüf is a fierce, uncompromising trio from Charlottesville, Va. With a variety of influences in their arsenal including Latin beats, 60's era power pop, gutter-glam and fuzzed out psychedelia, Shagwüf is ear-candy for the music lover. With strong convictions on a variety of social issues, especially BLM and LGBTQIA rights, Shagwüf consistently makes their case for a more inclusive and intersectional future.

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